PD Framework

SPDG PD Framework Components

Initial On-Site PD @ Annual Summer Leadership Launch in June 

Day 1 for General/Special Education ELA Teachers grades 3-5
Day 2 for School Leadership Team (SLT)/ District Leadership Team (DLT) Meetings

On-going PD throughout the school year

Online Modules – Webinars (4x/year)
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) supported by SPDG PLL (Professional Learning Leader) (8x/year)

Follow-up support throughout the school year

Quarterly SLT/DLT Meetings
Targeted support to family liaison, internal school/district coaches, etc. 
On-site/Virtual Technical Assistance 

On-Site PD

The On-Site PD will occur each June to provide initial PD on the literacy practices for the year. The PD opportunity will consist of 2 days.  Day 1 is for the general and special education teachers in grades 3-5. The content of the literacy practices will be delivered by literacy consultants to provide the knowledge and skills needed to implement practices with fidelity.  Day 2 is for the SLT and DLT members to provide information on all focus areas: literacy, data, family and coaching.  

Online Modules

The online modules will be interactive webinars using Adobe Presenter to provide ongoing PD as extended learning of knowledge and skills from the summer literacy training. The webinars will be designed in a series of interactive steps with challenges, resources, interactive polls, quizzes, etc.  


The PLCs will provide on-going literacy support to general and special education teachers in grades 3-5. The PLCs will provide teachers the opportunity to practice the knowledge, skills, and application of evidence-based literacy practices from the summer literacy training. 

SLT/DLT Meetings 

The SLT/DLT meetings will occur each quarter at school/district site.  The agenda and meeting process will be facilitated by the SPDG System Coach with the support of the SLT/DLT contact.  These meetings will be driven by data and the action plan (includes all focus areas: data, literacy, family, coaching).  The identified actions in the action plan to improve literacy outcomes for SWD in grades 3-5 will be assessed and adjusted as needed throughout the school year.