About Us

Louisiana State Personnel Development Grant (LaSPDG) is a Louisiana Department of Education Grant (LDOE) funded by the Office of Special Education (OSEP) for 5 years. 

The purpose of this grant is to improve literacy outcomes for students with disabilities (SWD) through the development of a systematic professional development (PD) framework using evidence-based practices: (1) Data-Driven Decision Making, (2) Literacy Strategies, (3) Coaching, and (4) Family Partnerships for districts, schools, teachers, and families.

LaSPDG is aligned with the State-Identified Measureable Result (SiMR) in the State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP).  The SiMR is to increase ELA proficiency (basic and above) rates on statewide assessments for students with disabilities in third through fifth grades, in nine LEAs across the state.

Project Staff  

Kristi-Jo Preston | Louisiana Department of Education | Director | kristijo.preston@la.gov 
R. Kenton Denny, Ph. D. | Louisiana State University | Principal Investigator | rdenny@lsu.edu  
Summer Whitmore, Ph. D. | swhitm1@lsu.edu  | 225-578-3615
Monica Ballay, M.Ed. |  mballay@lsu.edu | 225-578-6542
Wendy Allen, M.Ed. |  wallen@lsu.edu | 225-578-2805
Pamdora Williams, M.Ed. |  pwilli@lsu.edu  | 225-578-7713
Kala Burrell-Craft, M.SpEd | kalab@lsu.edu  | 225-578-5267

Participating LEAs 

Algiers Charter  
Pointe Coupee
St. Bernard
West Baton Rouge