About Us


Louisiana State Personnel Development Grant (LaSPDG) is a Louisiana Department of Education Grant (LDOE) funded by the Office of Special Education (OSEP). The purpose of the project is to develop a system of professional development and support based on state, district, and school needs to improve outcomes for students with disabilities ages 6-21 across all disabilities and create sustainable, evidence-based practices. The SPDG has four focus areas related to the use and effectiveness of (1) Data Based Decision-Making, (2) Inclusive Practices, (3) Family Engagement, and (4) Culturally Responsive Practices.


SPDG Advisory Team. The SPDG project will be guided by a smaller group of professionals, self-advocates, and family members representing multiple perspectives. This will be a smaller group of “critical friends” who are knowledgeable in each of the four focus areas, who also bring a variety of perspectives to the table.

SPDG Management Team. The SPDG Management Team will consist of core staff members (LDOE Co-Director, IHE Co-Director, Project Coordinator, Project Evaluator, Site Liaisons, People First Director) and LDOE staff representing each of the Goal Offices, Literacy, STEM, and CCR and two other offices, Student and School Learning and Support, and Innovation.

Connector. To assist in building capacity across the state and to improve communication between groups, the SPDG will serve as a connector between two main partners within the project. The proposed SPDG will provide opportunities for connections for both the LDOE and for IHEs.