Inclusive Practices

Inclusive Practices

Inclusive practices is the understanding that schooling occurs in a unified system in which:

  • Diversity is supported, expected, and valued;
  • High standards can be reached by all; and
  • Life goals become reality through collaboration.

- Marilyn Friend (2005)

Domain 1:  Foundations

This domain encompasses the core concepts and understandings of inclusion that school staff members and other stakeholders must possess.

Domain 2:  Collaboration

This domain pertains to the quality of the working relationships among school staff members and between school professionals and families and others.

Domain 3:  Service Delivery

This domain captures the specific arrangements through which students receive their educational services.

Domain 4:  Instructional Practices

This domain addresses the classroom practices that ensure students can access and progress through the general curriculum.

Domain 5:  Behavior Support

This domain encompasses the strategies that promote a positive school climate and safe learning environment.

Domain 6:  Administrative Responsibilities

This domain speaks to the essential role that school principals and other administrators play in inclusive schooling.